Miriam’s Birthday Cake

Chocolate buttercream and red velvet cake

This was the first “proper” cake I made, for my friend Miriam’s 21st birthday. I had recently tried out a red velvet cupcake recipe and they tasted yummy, so I decided to bake her a red velvet cake!

The recipe was for cupcakes, so I just doubled it and split the mixture into two 8″ cake tins. Traditionally, red velvet cakes tend to have a cream cheese frosting, but I thought a chocolate buttercream would taste just as nice with it. Covering the cake was not as easy as I thought… making it smooth was the hardest thing and even when it was finished, as you can see, it wasn’t the smoothest cake!

As this was my first cake, I wasn’t going to be too ambitious, plus I’d never really done well with piping bags in the past. I decided to buy “Designer White Icing” in a tube and piped the edges with that instead.. decorated with edible silver balls, chocolate stars and hundreds and thousands.

I should have really taken a photo of the cake when it was cut open – the red velvet cake looked yummy!

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