Wilton Cake Decorating Course

I started my 4 week Wilton Decorating Basics course yesterday, at Castlethorpe in Milton Keynes – the company I am doing the course through offer a lot of other classes, so if you’re interested in a one day cupcake decorating course or any others, visit their website to find out more.

As part of my course, I got my Wilton Decorating Basics pack and a course book. The pack, although cost £35, came with quite a lot of equipment which I’d imagine that individually it would add up to a lot more than £35. I finally got the “Mr Whippy” nozzle which I can now use to make bigger swirls on cupcakes!

The course was very interesting, I already learnt some things that I hadn’t know before. For example, did you know that the lighter the colour of the cake tin, the better the cake will cook?! Also, when mixing buttercream, you should try and use a low mixing speed as higher mixing speeds will allow more air to come into the buttercream mixture and cause  air pockets when piping etc. This was new to me because in my baking books, it mostly suggests to whisk at a medium – high speed.. this might explain why my cake coverings don’t look as smooth as they could!

Next week, I have to prepare an 8″ cake, fill it and cover it with the Wilton buttercream frosting so that we can do a piping gel pattern transfer onto the cake.

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