Wilton Cake Decorating Course – Week 3

I went on the 3rd week of my Wilton Decorating Course last week and we covered a lot of different piping techniques…

  • Drop flowers
  • Rosettes
  • Shells
  • Pompom flowers
  • Leaves
  • Mr Whippy whirls
  • Shaggy mums (yes I did laugh at the name)

I had a bit of a mind blank, so didn’t take a lot of photos during the class.. but the ones above are the drop flowers and leaves. They looked difficult to pipe but turned out to be surprisingly easy. If you wanted, the drop flowers could be left to refrigerate so that they can harden, then you can just pick them up and stick them onto a cake/cupcake. The leaves were quite fun to do, if you get your icing consistency right, then you will be able to pipe standing up leaves, if the icing gets too soft then the leaves will just fall over onto itself.

It’s the last lesson next week and we have to make our final cake, using all the different techniques that we have learnt in the past 3 weeks. Should be interesting!

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