Royal Wedding Cupcakes

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock over the past weekend, you’ll know that the biggest wedding of the year happened on Friday and I was glued to the TV most of the morning watching it all unfold… wasn’t it a great wedding? The dress (and not just Kate’s, Pippa Middleton anyone?) , the hair, the tiara, the kiss(es)… it’s what fairytales are made of, right?! And we all got a day off work, so thank you Wills & Kate!

I made some very patriotic cupcakes for a street party, think they went down quite well! These ones were rose flavoured cupcakes and frosting, decorated with sugar balls and a Union Jack (unfortunately, not edible).

I made a batch of 24 cupcakes (26 really, but I ate two whilst I was decorating) and finally figured out the right amount of cupcake mix to put into each case. This is the first time I’ve used proper ”cupcake” sized cases and I found that about 2/3 full is the right amount to make the cupcakes rise to just below the top of the case.

Originally I was going to fill them with jam (sticking with the British theme) but I wasn’t sure how it would taste with the rose flavour so ended up leaving them as they were. I topped the cupcakes with white buttercream, which you can only really achieve with Trex (vegetable fat) because when you use unsalted butter, it tends to look a little yellow. I added blue, red and white sprinkles, a dusting of glitter and finally the Union Jack. The cupcakes looked a little plain with just white buttercream, so I decided to pipe some blue stripes around the swirls.. I planned to do half with blue stripes and half with red, but it had gotten so late by that point (and I had a bit of hand cramp) that I thought I’d just leave them half blue and half plain!

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