Get Set…. Go!

Last week, I finished an order for 17th birthday racing-themed cupcakes. There were 24 cupcakes in total, a dozen were vanilla flavoured and the other dozen, chocolate flavoured. 

The chocolate flavoured cupcakes made up the racing track – the ‘road’ on the cupcakes are made with chocolate buttercream plus black colouring paste – at first, the ‘road’ didn’t look dark enough to pass as a road, but I didn’t want to change the flavour of the buttercream by adding large quantities of the colouring paste. I thought the white, line markings on the cupcakes may turn grey as the black colouring might leach into it, similar to when it happens with red colouring – luckily, it didn’t!

Some of the cupcakes were topped with a go-kart, which are made from pre-coloured fondant. It was relatively simple to make, as you just need to make the basic shape of the kart and add the wheels and the little black helmet. I did find if the karts were a little larger, then the wheels would have been easier to make and attach to the body of the kart. When the wheels were still soft, I added tread markings to make it look a little more wheel-like.

The vanilla cupcakes include the 4 go karts, in the picture above, and additionally, the signature swirls, topped with a checkered flag and personalised birthday cupcakes.

I realised in hindsight, I should have used a slightly smaller nozzle as I had some trouble fitting in the ‘y’ of birthday!



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