Carrot Cake

Another order complete! 8 inch, 2 layer carrot cake, with cream cheese frosting. Originally it was to be a 3 layer cake but the layers turned out much thicker than expected, so only 2 layers were used.

Chopped up pieces of walnut were included into the cake mixture, to give it a bit of an extra crunch – the remaining halves were used on top to decorate. The carrots are piped on with vanilla buttercream. I used cream cheese frosting to layer the two halves and cover the entire cake – this is my first time using cream cheese frosting and it is relatively easy to make but it’s essential that you don’t overmix, otherwise it goes very runny. I found that the longer I worked with it, the runnier it became, so I ended up keeping the cake in the fridge to make sure the frosting didn’t run.

It’s nice to just do a simple cake, with simple decorations because it still looks good! I failed to take any photos along the way, only remembering at the end when the cake was finished..

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