A Very Smiley Birthday

My friend celebrated her birthday this past weekend, if you know her, you will understand that she has a slight obsession with using excessive emoticons and exclamation marks in her messages. So, I thought, what better than a set of emoticon cupcakes to celebrate her birthday.

I made marbled cupcakes – chocolate and vanilla flavours swirled together – along with a vanilla buttercream topping (you can’t really change the colour of chocolate buttercream to yellow). The method is relatively simple – use half of a vanilla cupcake recipe and half of a chocolate cupcake recipe, then add them separately to the cake cases and swirl together.

The marble effect didn’t really come through as well as I had hoped – you can see this in the picture below – it might have been a better method to layer the different flavours on top of each and only mix them together slightly. Other than that, they tasted just right and went down a treat!

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