A Wedding

Some exciting news! I spent 2 days baking, decorating and creating 250 cupcakes and a 4 tier topsy turvy cake for my very first wedding order. I can’t say I did it all myself as luckily, I had some little helpers to speed up the process and save me from fondant overload!

 CakeThere was an Alice in Wonderland theme for the wedding, so we went with a topsy turvy cake. Purposefully wonky! The black and white theme continued with the cake, as with the rest of the wedding.

The bride had a specific cake design in mind, so I followed exactly as she wanted which made the planning process a lot simpler! I suggested going with the bottom 2 tiers as styrofoam as she would have 250 cupcakes already and it would save them from eating cake for the weeks following the wedding. I ordered 8 and 10 inch pre-cut cake dummies, which came already topsy turvy’d.

Wedding Cake

Only problem was they had a straight edge cut rather than a chamfered edge (rounded) – so I did a quick Google and rummaged in my Dad’s toolkit and found some sanding paper to smooth it out, worked like a treat!

Large amounts of fondant later and the two bottom tiers were covered, I used some clingfilm underneath the fondant to help smooth out any lumps and bumps.

The top 2 edible tiers were vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream and fondant. I let the cakes cool completely, then refrigerated before carving and building a more wonky shape. I found the best way to keep the top tier sturdy was to cut a round circle in the bottom tier, then slotting it in, giving the illusion the top tier was also topsy turvy. Genius. YouTube tutorials are lifesavers at times!

The cupcakes were chocolate, vanilla and lemon flavoured. Designed to be bright and colourful to counter the black and white theme of the rest of the wedding. I was pretty much given free regin to decorate how I wanted, the only request being flowers and lots of them! A lot of these designs are ones I’ve used before, but I recently went to a cupcake decorating class which gave me a few more ideas.

IMG_0493 Cupcakes












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