Pudding? Yes please..

Merry Christmas!

The run up to Christmas always makes me want to bake more. Not really sure why, but I always find it easier to think of new designs and flavours around this time of year. I also have more willing tasters as well!

With that in mind, I present to you… the Christmas Pudding cupcake!

Christmas Pudding

This is my usual chocolate cupcake recipe, adapted from The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days recipe book. It’s nice and light, with a chocolately kick. For extra flavour, I filled the centre of these cupcakes with my chocolate mousse. These cupcakes work best when the cupcake is already slightly domed – but not to worry if not! For some of the more level cupcakes, I added a larger blob of chocolate buttercream to the centre first. I used chocolate flavoured fondant (so much tastier than standard fondant) and cut out circles to smooth over the top of the cupcake and buttercream – creating a slight dome. The white “icing” is cut out freehand, whilst the holly is cut out using your standard holly cutter, then dusted liberally with lustre powder. Quite effective, no?

Apple & Cinnamon

Next up on the agenda.. apple and cinnamon cupcakes.

I used the same cupcake recipe as I did with the Apple Crumble cupcakes, but added a teaspoon more cinnamon. These are the best when they come straight from the oven – the apples and still warm and soft.

The icing is a cinnamon buttercream – I changed my usual vanilla buttercream recipe, adding cinnamon instead. I think the flavours worked quite well together, very festive!


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