Review: Peggy Porschen Cakes

Peggy Porschen’s cake parlour is possibly, by far, London’s prettiest cupcake cafe located on a corner in lovely Belgravia. If I ever opened up a cafe, it’d be exactly what Peggy’s parlour looks like – the pinks, browns, elegant decorations… beautiful! Right, now onto more pressing matters, so the shop looks nice, but what are the cakes like?


I got one of Peggy Porschen’s books for Christmas and since then, I had been waiting for a chance to visit the cafe and see what the real life cakes are like. What better occasion than my birthday? Another year older.. another year of more cake!

There were quite a few of the standard choices in flavour at the cafe, I opted for the red velvet cupcake and the boyfriend went for none other than a chocolate mousse cupcake – he was after the black forest cupcake but they had sold out already. I can’t say I was overly impressed with the red velvet, it was nice but nothing exciting. The red velvet was a bit dry and the cream cheese frosting a bit too sickly. The chocolate mousse on the otherhand was divine – a true chocolate flavour, the sponge was very light and moist (side note – I really dislike that word, but there’s no other way to describe it!) and the buttercream was so rich and creamy. Best chocolate buttercream I’ve tasted by far!


Price wise, it was £3.50 a cupcake. A bit steep.. but then again, we were in Belgravia. It’s definitely a nice little cafe to stop by and perhaps splurge on a few tasty treats for a special occasion. Will I go back? Perhaps.. if not for the cupcakes, just to see peruse the bookcase filled with cookbooks, cookie cutters and other baking equipment.

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