Something wicked this way comes

Pumpkins at the ready..Halloween has arrived. It usually passes by quietly for me, but this year I’ll be making more of an effort and carving my first ever pumpkin! I made some treats for the Halloween party we had at work yesterday, in keeping with the theme.


These are all chocolate and cream cheese cupcakes. For the white cupcakes, I tempered some chocolate, piped out the spiderwebs and words, left them to set and prayed they wouldn’t fall to pieces when I picked them up to put onto the cupcakes. Simple!

The gravestones are made from chocolate bourbons and the “dirt” from crushed up chocolate bourbons. I attempted to make pipe “grass” from the Wilton #233 nozzle. Unfortunately I forgot how runny cream cheese frosting can get, so it turned into a bit of a splodge rather than grass!

There are so many options for Halloween cupcakes and some I’ve spotted on Pinterest look brilliant and given me more ideas for next year! Will you do any baking for Halloween?


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