Making fondant roses, part 1

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on how to pipe roses out of buttercream (have a quick look here). I thought I’d continue with the theme of making roses by showing you how to create simple roses from sugarpaste/fondant, much like the pink roses is the picture above.

It’s a simple technique – all you’ll need is some sugarpaste in a colour you want to make your roses, some clingfilm and a rolling pin.

Step one: Roll out 3 balls of a similar size, making sure one of these balls is more of a long cylinder-shape. The size of these balls will be indicative of the size of your rose.


Step two: Place a ball between two sheets of clingfilm and using the end of a rolling pin, carefully press down and shape into a flat disc. Do this for all 3 balls – make sure the longer shaped ball is shaped into an oval rather than a perfect circle.


Step three: Taking the oval piece, roll it onto itself. Have a look at both ends, one will undoubtedly look neater and more ‘rose’ like than other – this is the end you’ll want to focus on.


Step four: Taking the piece you’ve just rolled up, place it in the centre of one of the circular discs. Make sure the neater end fits just below the top edge of the disc.


Step five: Fold the circular disc onto the rolled up piece, securing it by pinching together. You’ll start to see the rose take shape.

Step six: Repeat steps four and five for the final disc, again, making sure the rolled up piece sits just below the top edge of the disc.

Step seven: At this point, you’ll have quite a long rolled-up rose, using your finger, carefully spread the ‘petals’ of the neat end to fan out the rose. Depending on how tall you want the rose, pinch and tear the part you do not wish to keep and reshape the bottom to make it neater.


Leave aside to harden and that’s all there is to it – simple! You can always add further layers by using more discs, but if your rose is relatively small, I would stick with 5 layers max, otherwise it will start looking bulky. You’ve also got the option of using florist paste (it dried rock solid, unlike fondant) and is often used for making flowers. Be warned though – although it’s edible, I’d highly recommend NOT eating it!

In part 2, I’ll demonstrate how to make larger fondant roses that can used on larger cakes, rather than just cupcakes.


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