Addicted to baking

The recent popularity of American-style cupcakes and desserts was really what got me interested in baking again. Since tasting my first American cupcake at the Magnolia Bakery in New York City (vanilla sponge and chocolate frosting, with sprinkles) I became an addict and discovering The Hummingbird Bakery in West London has just kept feeding my addiction.

Royal Icing? No thanks..

A family friend got me interested in baking when I was about 8 or 9, it was something different to the traditional Chinese desserts I was used to. I only ever made vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, rarely with an icing/frosting because back then, all I knew was that cupcakes were typically decorated with royal icing, which was a taste I didn’t particularly enjoy – it was too sweet and sugary for my liking. My cupcakes were only ever eaten by my family and they didn’t enjoy the sugary icing either, so even though I loved decorating, there was little point to it because I knew no-one would eat them, so I stuck with plain, boring cupcakes.

Cupcake boom

Thankfully, years later, I discovered the Magnolia Bakery (thank you Sex And The City) and their yummy cupcakes which used a buttercream frosting, which I loved because it wasn’t too sweet or sugary. I wanted to recreate these delicious treats and luckily, in the UK, the “cupcake boom” had started… I bought my first book by The Primrose Bakery and I haven’t stopped baking since.


I hope you enjoy my collection of cake-related ramblings; any comments, questions or suggestions for improvement are well appreciated. I am also happy to make celebration cupcakes/cakes etc .. so drop me an email if you are interested!

Thanks for reading!