Sophie’s Birthday Cake

A purple and green spotted cake

I made this cake for my cousin Sophie, who turned 17 just before Christmas. Her original request was .. a little too difficult to fulfil (a blue ferret, with pink glittery wings as the centrepiece) so I decided to go with something a little bit easier! I originally saw the cake design done all over with fondant icing, but thought it might taste a bit too sweet so went ahead with vanilla buttercream and a bit of fondant icing instead.

The cake itself is just a plain vanilla sponge cake, with a purple vanilla buttercream filling. I thought purple would be pretty simple to make, just to mix red and blue together, but too much of one colour and it starts looking brown! Again, tried to make it as smooth as possible, but its pretty hard when the buttercream itself is a bit patchy.. might need to work on a better recipe! This is the second time I’ve used fondant icing, I was originally going to buy some white fondant and tint it, but then saw a pack of 5 different coloured icings and thought it’d make my life easier and used that instead! Jak helped me out, cutting the green circles (and making the green Pacman), while I was using an upside down bowl, to make sure the white and purple buttercream icings didn’t get mixed in together.

Finished it off with a long piece of green fondant and piped (successfully!) some writing onto the cake.

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