Doctor, Doctor..

My sister celebrated her first day of no longer being a teenager on Thursday – Happy Birthday Steph – best way to celebrate? With a cake of course! She had to carry this on a long car journey back to Uni, so I hope it made there it one piece and it tasted alright too. I’m hoping it’s quite obvious what the cake is representing.. doctor’s lab coat, stethoscope… you get the picture?!

Steph is not a doctor yet… a couple more years at medical school and then she’ll be unleashed onto the world, haha. I decided to make her a giant stethoscope cake at first, but changed my mind because it would require massive amounts of fondant/gumpaste which most likely wouldn’t get eaten = waste of money!

This is my first square shaped cake, I used the same amount of mixture as I would for a normal 8 inch round cake and it seems to have worked just fine. The cake itself is a two layer chocolate cake, sandwiched and covered with a layer of vanilla buttercream and decorated with pieces of fondant. It looked a little flatter than I would have liked, but I didn’t want to make it stand too high in case it made it harder to transport.

Let this be a lesson to you – for white (properly white) frosting, NEVER use butter. It’s a pain because if you do, the frosting will end up an off white, yellowish shade. The supermarket had ran out of Trex, which is what I usually use for white buttercream so I had to make do with butter and achieved an off-white colour instead.

The collars of the doctor’s coat are cut from white fondant (if I used Trex, you wouldn’t be able to see the difference in colour!) and the greeny-blue scrubs are also fondant. The wires of the stethoscope were made using black fondant, which I rolled and shaped, the silver parts of the stethoscope were made from white fondant which I coloured using silver lustre dust (mixing with vodka, not water). As I’m looking at the picture of the cake, I’ve noticed I forgot to add the buttons for the doctor’s coat – better luck next time!

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