21st Birthday Cupcakes

So it’s been a while since I last posted and it’s because I have resumed my University studies, so it’s been a bit hectic (plus I’ve been lazy) so apologies for the lack of new posts recently.

It was my boyfriend’s sister’s (Stef) 21st birthday last month, so I made some cupcakes to celebrate with! The pink and white ones you see above, are rose flavoured. I discovered that Sainsbury’s have started stocking rosewater essence, so when I saw it was a larger bottle and a cheaper price than the rosewater from Waitrose, I didn’t hesitate to buy any. Unfortunately, it seems that Waitrose’s rosewater is expensive for a reason, as you can actually taste the rosewater in the cupcake and frosting, unlike the Sainsbury’s bottle! Lesson learned. The decorations are cut out from ready-to-roll icing (Hobbycraft stock this, as does every other supermarket), I tend to buy the white stuff and colour it myself as it’s easier to get pastel shades. However, with darker colours, I will buy them from Hobbycraft as it saves a lot of time and mess.

In addition, I made some carrot cake cupcakes, with cream cheese frosting. I stayed with the same theme for the decorations, but I used chocolate flavoured fondant instead. One thing I learnt with these cupcakes – it turns out, you CAN colour cream cheese frosting. Ideally, you shouldn’t beat it too long as it makes it runnier, so with the colouring I was careful to add enough and beat it only once – even with this method, the frosting still came out a little runny! I ended up putting the iced cupcakes in the fridge so the cream cheese frosting would harden faster.

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