Baked Cinnamon Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? These are a healthier version as they’re baked, not fried! (they’re only just slightly healthier.. I mean, it’s still cake). There’s a donutterie in Shoreditch called Dum Dums which specialises in baked doughnuts (and cronuts – worth the hype!), these look and taste amazing so I thought I’d give it a try. I found a recipe in my Peggy Porschen book for baked cinnamon doughnuts, so here they are..baked-doughnutsThe recipe is simply a cinnamon sponge, but baked in doughnut form. I was given a silicon ‘doughnut’ pan last year, I’m not quite sure what it’s actually intended for but you can get an actual doughnut pan here.

For the icing, the recipe suggests using liquid fondant (I believe you can buy this ready made), but I decided to go for a simpler option than trying to make my own. I used  some icing sugar and mixed it with water, adding a small amount of vanilla flavouring and then coloured it. The only problem I found with this method was that the colour didn’t come out as strong on the doughnuts as it was a little runnier than expected.


This was a pretty simple recipe to make and didn’t take too long. Unfortunately the doughnuts weren’t the best tasting! It is largely cake, of course, so I felt like it’s missing that doughnut-like texture. It just reminded me of eating a cake with icing, just in a doughnut shape – I’ll have to give a different recipe a go next time!



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