Iggle Piggle 2D cake

This was the first 2D cake I’ve attempted and it didn’t out too bad! It wasn’t too difficult or time consuming to make either, so maybe I’ll attempt more of these in the future.. 

This cake was made for a friend’s son’s 2nd birthday – the cake itself is a vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry jam and cream and covered with vanilla buttercream and sugarpaste. In hindsight, I probably should have baked a smaller cake – it turned out much bigger than I anticipated, especially in height! 


I baked an 8″ square sponge in two layers and used an Iggle Piggle template from the CBeebies website to carve the shape. I kept the head and body separate and cut a rectangle that would fit the body and a square that would fit the head. I filled these and covered it in a thin crumb coating before letting it set in the fridge overnight. 

Letting the cake set in the fridge means it’s a lot easier to carve as it’s more solid. To carve, I simply cut around the shape of the body and the head before covering in a thicker coat of buttercream and topped it off with sugarpaste. 



I added a two-tone effect by darkening the light blue sugarpaste I already used (remember to save some of it for the arms though!) For the facial features, it’s quite easy to recreate as you can use the template to map the size of the eyes, nose and mouth. 


I tried to keep some shape in the blanket, so it didn’t look too flat – just pinch the top end and add in some folds and it should work. I cut small white rectangles of sugarpaste and added to the edge of the blanket to add extra detail. 


Luckily, it was quite a simple shape to carve and the character didn’t have too many difficult details to add either. Have to say I’m quite pleased with the result!

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