Peach Birthday Cupcakes

Just a quick post this week, I made some peach cupcakes for a birthday last week – I was attempting to recreate the Peach Melba cupcakes I made recently, but didn’t have the peach melba icing sugar from last time. I ended up making a vanilla cupcake, with a peach filling, topped with a vanilla frosting. I decorated using some new tools I got at Cake International earlier in the year… read on to see the pretty pictures!peach-cupcakes

I purchased an embossed rolling pin with a swirly pattern, and these work great on small pieces of sugarpaste as the rolling pin itself is quite small too. They’re very simple to use, just roll out your piece of sugarpaste, then press and roll the embossed rolling pin over the top and presto! I cut out butterflies with the pattern underneath and let these harden to hold their shape. 


The second exciting purchase was a quilt-effect embosser (not quite sure what to call these..) basically, it was a small rectangle with a quilt design, used in a similar way to the rolling pin by just pressing it on top of rolled out sugarpaste. I used the buttercream to create a dome shape and pressed the circles of sugarpaste over the top, smoothing it down but not so much that the buttercream squeezed out. 


I won’t repeat the recipe again here, so just have a quick read of the peach melba post if you’re interested. For the vanilla buttercream, it’s a simple case of using Trex (it keeps it super white), icing sugar and a little bit of water – that’s quick and easy frosting complete!


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