Hong Kong Egg Waffles

Anyone who has lived in Hong Kong will be familiar with these egg waffles or 雞蛋仔 (this literally means “little eggs” in Chinese). These were my favourite snack when I was younger and even now to be honest. They remind me so much of Hong Kong and were always a tasty treat. I always wished that we had them here in the UK and fast forward a few years,  a stall popped up in London’s Chinatown, selling these egg waffles for £2.50 a piece (a rip-off compared to HK prices!) Even better though, I got one of the waffle makers for Christmas so thought I’d better try out a recipe I found..

Egg waffles are always made in these egg-like waffle makers, creating a honeycomb shape where you can rip off piece by piece. They have a very soft and fluffy centre, with a distinctive crispy shell – something we didn’t quite manage to crack when making our first batch. However, taste-wise, they are almost spot on to those from street hawkers in Hong Kong, which is good enough until my next HK visit! 


These weren’t too difficult to make, the batter is a simple mixture and then its just a case of timing each side to make sure its done enough that it’s crispy, but not too much that it burns. We did approximately 2 mins on each side, which was just enough to brown the waffles and give them a slight crisp, although, not as much as I would have liked. I followed one of Christine’s recipes, which can be found here. I doubled her recipe and it made about 6 batches – this is obviously dependent on the size of the waffle maker!

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