Hong Kong Egg Waffles

Anyone who has lived in Hong Kong will be familiar with these egg waffles or ้›ž่›‹ไป” (this literally means “little eggs” in Chinese). These were my favourite snack when I was younger and even now to be honest. They remind me so much of Hong Kong and were always a tasty treat. I always wished that we had them here in the UK and fast forward a few years,  a stall popped up in London’s Chinatown, selling these egg waffles for ยฃ2.50 a piece (a rip-off compared to HK prices!) Even better though, I got one of the waffle makers for Christmas so thought I’d better try out a recipe I found.. Continue reading “Hong Kong Egg Waffles”

Red Velvet Brownies

This post has been a long time coming, but I got there eventually. May I present, red velvet brownies. I love red velvet cake, I love brownies, why not combine them? Turns out it’s a lot harder than I originally thought, so when my own attempts turned out to be quite spectacular failures, I eventually turned to the latest Hummingbird Bakery cookbook for help. (If only I got a penny for each time I’ve mention them on my blog!)  Continue reading “Red Velvet Brownies”

Marvel Heroes Birthday Cake

For my last blog post of 2014, I’m breaking the streak of Christmas recipes. I’ve been wanting to make a Marvel cake for a while now and the right occasion came along..in the form of Charlie’s 5th birthday. Novelty cakes are always fun to make, they’re a bit different and not something I get to do often, so keep reading to see how I managed to create this cake..

Continue reading “Marvel Heroes Birthday Cake”

Chocolate & Caramel Ombre Cake

Another week, another birthday cake! This time, I decided to attempt an ombre cake – chocolate and caramel to be precise. I found the recipe on the BBC Good Food website but modified it slightly for a smaller cake. The ombre effect worked very well and it was an easy recipe to follow. Continue reading “Chocolate & Caramel Ombre Cake”