An experiment – Chinese-style cupcake

Chinese New Year is almost upon us, which means we’ll be soon be celebrating the Year of the Horse and I’ll be back at home, enjoying Mum’s cooking and collecting lai see! And what better excuse do I need than CNY, to experiment with a chinese-style cupcake?

I went a bit outside of the box with this one.. I tried to think of chinese food I like to eat and how it could be turned into a cupcake. After much deliberation (read: I asked for Jak’s opinion) and decided to go with a cupcake version of duck pancakes.  Continue reading “An experiment – Chinese-style cupcake”

Tis the season..

It’s officially less than a week until Christmas and just one working day left for me this year! Christmas is almost here, so I thought I’d break out a classic Christmas time flavour – apple and cinnamon for some cupcake treats for work. I tried out a new recipe for the cinnamon cream cheese frosting and it turned out great, going well with the apple cupcakes. Continue reading “Tis the season..”