Ferrero Rocher drip cake

This is the cake that dreams are made of (my dreams at least) – chocolate, nutella and Ferrero Rochers (my absolute favourite chocolates, take note!). I’ve been seeing drip cakes all over Instagram recently and decided it was about time I gave it a try, so what better place to start than with Ferrero Rochers?  Continue reading “Ferrero Rocher drip cake”

Doctor, Doctor..

My sister celebrated her first day of no longer being a teenager on Thursday – Happy Birthday Steph – best way to celebrate? With a cake of course! She had to carry this on a long car journey back to Uni, so I hope it made there it one piece and it tasted alright too. I’m hoping it’s quite obvious what the cake is representing.. doctor’s lab coat, stethoscope… you get the picture?! Continue reading “Doctor, Doctor..”

Wilton Cake Decorating Course – Week 2

Last night I went to the 2nd class of the Wilton Cake Decorating course and learnt more about piping techniques – bag positioning and pressure control. It was interesting and I realised, the buttercream comes out much neater and more uniform if you pipe faster. If you take your time, the buttercream tends to break off and you end up with uneven lines. Continue reading “Wilton Cake Decorating Course – Week 2”

Devil’s Food Cake

I made this Devil’s Food Cake (i.e. v.v. rich and chocolately cake) for Christmas after seeing Nigella Lawson make it on TV a few days before. It was a fiddly recipe to follow, but I can see why – the sponge was still really light and fluffy a few days after it was made. The recipe is easy enough to follow and it was interesting making it – chocolate ganache is something I’ve not tried making before, but I think I’ll most likely be making it again in the future, it tasted too good! Continue reading “Devil’s Food Cake”