Making fondant roses, part 2

A few weeks back, I posted a tutorial on how to make a simple fondant rose. This is another tutorial to make larger and more realistic rose, similar to the ones you see on elaborate wedding cakes. You can achieve quite a realistic rose with not much effort, all you need are the right tools. So, here goes.. Continue reading “Making fondant roses, part 2”

Doctor, Doctor..

My sister celebrated her first day of no longer being a teenager on Thursday – Happy Birthday Steph – best way to celebrate? With a cake of course! She had to carry this on a long car journey back to Uni, so I hope it made there it one piece and it tasted alright too. I’m hoping it’s quite obvious what the cake is representing.. doctor’s lab coat, stethoscope… you get the picture?! Continue reading “Doctor, Doctor..”

Sophie’s Birthday Cake

A purple and green spotted cake

I made this cake for my cousin Sophie, who turned 17 just before Christmas. Her original request was .. a little too difficult to fulfil (a blue ferret, with pink glittery wings as the centrepiece) so I decided to go with something a little bit easier! I originally saw the cake design done all over with fondant icing, but thought it might taste a bit too sweet so went ahead with vanilla buttercream and a bit of fondant icing instead. Continue reading “Sophie’s Birthday Cake”