21st Birthday Cupcakes

So it’s been a while since I last posted and it’s because I have resumed my University studies, so it’s been a bit hectic (plus I’ve been lazy) so apologies for the lack of new posts recently.

It was my boyfriend’s sister’s (Stef) 21st birthday last month, so I made some cupcakes to celebrate with! The pink and white ones you see above, are rose flavoured. Continue reading “21st Birthday Cupcakes”

Linslade School Summer Fayre

I spent most evenings of last week baking and decorating cupcakes in preparation for the Linslade Lower School summer fayre, which was held last Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness it was sunny – otherwise I don’t think the turn out would have been as good, and the cakes wouldn’t have sold out! I found that the little cupcake boxes were very popular, so definitely worth investing in more for future events. Continue reading “Linslade School Summer Fayre”

Liverpool FC Cupcakes

A few weeks ago, I received my first order (very exciting!) for a dozen vanilla and rose cupcakes for a birthday. I was given the opportunity to decorate them however I wanted – as long as they were vanilla and rose flavoured. As Pauline, the lady who ordered the cakes, is a big Liverpool supporter, I decided to make some football/LFC themed cupcakes and alongside them, a couple of ‘girlier’ cupcakes. Continue reading “Liverpool FC Cupcakes”

Rose Cupcakes

For Mother’s Day, I decided to make some pretty pink, rose flavoured cupcakes from (surprise, surprise) the new Hummingbird Cake Days cookbook. It is adapted from a simple vanilla sponge recipe, so the only difference is the extra tablespoon of rosewater (you can buy it at most supermarkets). Continue reading “Rose Cupcakes”