Bake Off 2015: Week Four – Desserts

This week’s Bake Off theme was just up my street, who doesn’t love desserts? It also meant that I could try my hand at making creme brûlée, another thing that’s been on my ‘to make’ list for a long time. I have to say, I’m quite pleased with how they turned out (mostly!) and they weren’t as difficult as I had initially thought.  Continue reading “Bake Off 2015: Week Four – Desserts”

Peach Birthday Cupcakes

Just a quick post this week, I made some peach cupcakes for a birthday last week – I was attempting to recreate the Peach Melba cupcakes I made recently, but didn’t have the peach melba icing sugar from last time. I ended up making a vanilla cupcake, with a peach filling, topped with a vanilla frosting. I decorated using some new tools I got at Cake International earlier in the year… read on to see the pretty pictures! Continue reading “Peach Birthday Cupcakes”

Peach Melba Cupcakes

Summer’s here! Ok, so maybe it was here last week and now the rain has washed it all away but it’ll be back! (let’s be optimistic here..) This recipe for peach melba cupcakes is extra summery, filled with the sweetness of peach and a hit of raspberry deliciousness all combined in a light, fluffy cupcake. Recipe follows.. Continue reading “Peach Melba Cupcakes”